My current projects are The Sprawl, Kratophagia, and Dinosaur Princesses.

Previous big projects:

Smaller projects include:

  • Mirror Ball, my 2016 Game Chef entry.
  • Lords of Titania, my 2011 Game Chef entry.
  • ‘Syria Romana: The Levant and the Roman Empire’, a chapter in Asocena, a supplement for Dog Eat Dog by Liam Liwanag Burke. This is a game that I cannot recommend highly enough.
  • ‘A Town Called Malice’, a mystery in the Monster of the Week Funder Mystery Collection for Monster of the Week by Michael Sands.
  • Living Dungeon World, a supplement for running series’ of linked Dungeon World games at conventions. Dungeon World is another game I am constantly evangelising about.
  • The Tomb of Horrors (pdf), a playset for Fiasco.

Conquering Corsairs

Conquering Corsairs is a card game in which you take the role of pirates, trying to gain gold and reputation to become the most feared and famous ship to sail the Silver Seas. You will take your ship to strange and dangerous locations, recruit new crew members to your cause, do battle with other pirates, …


Dinosaur Princesses

When trouble strikes the kingdom, how will you and your friends save the day? Through teamwork, that’s for sure! You and your friends are dinosaurs who are princesses solving problems together. Decide what type of Dinosaur you are (a t-rex, ankylosaurs, or platypus perhaps!) and what type of Princess you are (maybe an aquanaut, zookeeper, or chef!). Draw …

The Sprawl

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” Neuromancer, William Gibson. The future. Dark. Dirty. Dangerous. You’re loners, punks and criminals, marginalised by society through birth, choice or violence. Parasites, living symbiotic existences in the shadows cast by the arcologies, feeding from the scraps dangled by the megacorporations …

ΚΡΑΤΟΦΑΓΙΑ (Kratophagia)

The crashed ships of the Progonoi pierce the land like teeth of a dead god. The domed cities of the Katoikoi lie squat and empty among them, strewn like droplets of the land’s blood. The air is fetid and deadly, but you’ve learned to breathe it. You’ve learned other things besides. And your swollen glands …