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Dinosaur Princesses

The Dinosaur Princesses celebrate saving the day!


Now Available at Indie Press Revolution!

Dinosaur Princesses is now available in print and PDF for purchase at Indie Press Revolution!

2019 Silver ENnie award for Best Family Book
2019 ENnie nominee for Best Electronic Book
2019 ENnie nominee for Product of the Year


Dinosaur Princesses is a rules-lite play-heavy collaborative tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) about friends who are dinosaurs who are princesses solving problems together!

Decide what type of Dinosaur you are (a t-rex, ankylosaurs, or platypus perhaps!) and what type of Princess you are (maybe an aquanaut, zookeeper, or chef!). Remember that, just like your type of dinosaur isn’t limited by strict definitions of “dinosaur”, your princess isn’t limited to being a girl—everyone can be a Dinosaur Princess! After you decide what your Dinosaur Princess is like, you then start the very important step of drawing and colouring your Dinosaur Princess. Now gather your friends, build up group dice pool, and overcome all the obstacles and problems that the Palaeontologist throws your way!

Dinosaur Princesses is a story game of collaboration and cooperation for all ages. Great for new TTRPG players and experienced players alike.

Did we mention the rulebook is also a colouring book?

Check out the basic character sheets here!


Dinosaur Princesses was funded on Kickstarter!


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Featuring art by J Wahl (portfolio)


Dinosaur Princesses Cover

Dinosaur Princesses Cover


Dinosaur Princesses Character Sheet

Dinosaur Princesses Character Sheet


Dinosaur Princesses Play Sheets and Map

Dinosaur Princesses Character Sheets and Map