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Apr 23

Operation Angel Basin

Reports are emerging from Los Angeles of advance planning for a series of ops at the end of May, code name: Operation Angel Basin. Initial reports were sparse: Operation Angel Basin is a series of linked missions set in a neon and chrome cyberpunk Sprawl. In this setup session we will collaboratively create the Sprawl …

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Sep 05

The Kurosawa Extraction

This is a sample mission for The Sprawl. This mission will probably appear in the completed book, but it illustrates the style of the missions which will appear in The Mission Files, the first stretch goal for The Sprawl. This mission has a very basic premise, a wide variety of methods of completion, and the …

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Aug 12

The Virtua Purge

A mission in The Sprawl for Big Bad Con 2014, Oakland, Oct 17 – 19. No prior experience of The Sprawl is needed. The Virtua Purge >>..Replay Annotated Transcript..>> Good evening. >>Crisply pressed Italian bespoke suit.>> I represent the Special Threats Division of VirtuaTech. >>Tone of a man used to being obeyed.>> SimSys West is …

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Aug 07

The Quine Trilogy

The Quine Trilogy A trilogy of loosely linked games in The Sprawl for Gateway 2014. Los Angeles, Labor Day Weekend (Aug 29 – Sep 1). No prior experience of The Sprawl is needed. Participation in all three games is not required. The Quine Experiment (Sat, 9am) The wind whips the cold black sea into a …

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