I’ve started doing #Sprawl23, in which I create a Cyberpunk Sprawl over the year. It’s inspired by #Dungeon23, of course–if I’d noticed the hashtag #City23, I might have used that. All of those hashtags are active in Twitter and Mastodon and there are heaps of resources out there to help you with writing prompts and randomisers and the like. Check out Linda Codega’s Gizmodo piece for some links and discussion.

I started with Caro Asercion’s i’m sorry did you say street magic as a framework. I’m aiming to make a Neighbourhood each week and fill each details of that neighbourhood over the week. My current process is that I roll a random prompt each day from the following list, then write a short entry about a zoomed in aspect of the neighbourhood.
1. Landmark
2. Resident
3. Community
4. Event
5. Corporation/Corpofucks
6. Mission/Cyberfucks
7. Breakdown/The Fan Disperses Excrement
8. Matrix/Virtual

1, 2, and 4 are from i’m sorry did you say street magic; 8 seemed an appropriate addition; 5 and 6 are from a prot-project that I batted around with Jacqueline Bryk in the pre-Covid times that might yet happen; and 3 and 7 are suggestions from folks on social media (h/t Eli and Rob).

It’s week two now, so I’ve completed the first neighbourhood, Little Europe–containing a mission (The Artemis Warrens), a matrix feature (The Corpse Nodes), a breakdown (Crisis at the Canals), a resident (Quinn Cheung), an event (Ancestor’s Day) and a community (Kakushin-Smash Residents Association).

Today I’m moving downtown, to the Towers…

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