Hamish Cameron

Wellington, New Zealand

Hamish has been playing, designing and tweaking games since he discovered Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the mid-80s. Most of that designing and tweaking has involved tabletop roleplaying games and miniatures wargames, but a few free-form larps and multiplayer team strategy games (now also known as "megagames") have snuck into the mix along the way. After a decade in Los Angeles, Maine, and other parts of the US, he is now back in Aotearoa. In addition to Ardens Ludere, he is part of the creative team at Cheeky Mountain Parrot Games.

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I’ve started doing #Sprawl23, in which I create a Cyberpunk Sprawl over the year. It’s inspired by #Dungeon23, of course–if I’d noticed the hashtag #City23, I might have used that. All of those hashtags are active in Twitter and Mastodon and there are heaps of resources out there to help you with writing prompts and …

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As usually happens, the two Kiwi-focused panels at Big Bad Online 2021 arose from a series of behind-the-scenes email conversations between the eventual panellists. The excellent vibe of those discussions and the panels gave us all the sense that we wanted to continue those conversations and our general collaboration. A number of us were already …

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History and Games

A lot of my game design processes and cycles flow along the rhythm on attending conventions. The Sprawl was conceived on the drive home from the first Big Bad Con in 2011 and much of my design and playtesting for the game took place at and around the Los Angeles Strategicon conventions, Origins and Gen …

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Dinosaur Princesses Stomping Into the ENnies!

EDIT: We won a silver ENnie!! I’m very happy to announce that Dinosaur Princesses is a nominated finalist in three categories of the ENnies Tabletop RPG Awards! We’re up for Best Electronic Book, Best Family Game, and Product of the Year. We’re in amazing company, with some fantastic games nominated in each of those categories, …

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Magic bursts into The Sprawl!

Touched Prime is the second of a series of stand-alone settings introducing magic into the world of The Sprawl. Spray your sprawl with rift energy and step into the magical world of corporate espionage. “Two generations after the rifts opened, the majority of the world now accept common definitions of Troll-kin or Wild-kin based on …

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Dinosaur Princesses!

When trouble strikes the kingdom, how will you and your friends save the day? Through teamwork, that’s for sure! Dinosaur Princesses is a story game about friends who are dinosaurs who are princesses solving problems together and its now available in PDF format on DriveThruRPG! (Print on Demand coming very soon.) Decide what type of Dinosaur you are (a …

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When Corporate Hell is not a Metaphor

Touched: A Darkening Alley is the first of a series of stand-alone settings introducing magic into the world of The Sprawl. The cyberpunk future is already a horror show. Now it gets supernatural… “The shit-holes are getting shittier, and no one wants to talk about it. The town that disappeared, that video of a lady …

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Chroming Your Con Play

If you’ve played in a convention game with me over the last year or so, you might have noticed I’ve been using cut-down and mostly pre-generated playbooks. I made these so that I could run 5-10 minute 1-2 player demos for the Fall 2017 Great Falls Comic Expo in Lewiston, ME. I streamed the process …

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The Mission Files

The Mission Files was originally funded as Stretch Goal 001 of the Kickstarter (backer update here) and is now available in PDF and Print on Demand from DTRPG. Missions are the lifeblood of The Sprawl. Better lay down the plastic. The Sprawl: Mission Files is a collection of ten new cyberpunk missions for The Sprawl. Infiltrations, extractions, heists, …

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Some News

While I’m making a few updates to the main pages for The Sprawl, Dinosaur Princesses and Kratophagia, this seems an appropriate time to mention that Rachel Beck (author of Glitch interviewed me as part of a series on contemporary cyberpunk creators: The State of Cyberpunk with Hamish Cameron. She also just released her second interview, …

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