Kickstarter is Go!

After many late nights and long weekends of crunching rules, juggling numbers, and playing for me, Rob and a host of playtesters and collaborators (especially David Gallo and Becky Sanderson), our creation is preparing to enter the world.

I’ve designed, tweaked and hacked a lot of games for my own use over the years, but this one’s come the furthest in terms of completeness (that is, being-able-to-be-played-without-me-facilitating-ness). Now it’s the final phase, in no small part owing to the energy and steely focus of my good friend and collaborator Rob.

One of the coolest things about working on this project has been the awesome art Rob commissioned early on from Kaitlynn Peavler (@thedandmom). She has a fun style that works for both cute character art and dramatic nautical scenes. Her visuals have definitely brought the project to life in a way I wouldn’t have considered before we started working with her on this project. Her delightful image for the Sailor card is a link to the kickstarter:

Conquering Corsairs Kickstarter


    • Gina Ricker on February 4, 2013 at 20:41
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    Good luck, Hamish! Will continue to spread the word for the next 32 days…

    P.S. The pic you published in the “About” section is pretty fantastic! Kinda noir-cyberpunky with echoes of fabulous Sun Sword savagery, super-science, and sorcery! 🙂

    1. Thanks Gina! There’s an uncropped version of the picture in this post.

      I’m sure there will be more when I get back to NZ this time!

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