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The second round of proofs came in this week and I made them available on Friday. The quality on these latest proofs is the same as the first set (which you might have already seen on Google+ or Facebook), but there are a couple more options. Here’s a rundown of the four versions available.

There are two layout options, MIDNIGHT and NOON, each of which is available in softcover or hardcover. All are colour.

MIDNIGHT is white text on black background. The hardcover is premium paper and the softcover is standard heavyweight, so the blacks and colours are deeper and richer in the hardcover.

MIDNIGHT hardcover (p.119):
MIDNIGHT hardcover (p.119)

MIDNIGHT softcover (p.119):
MIDNIGHT softcover (p.119)

The part of these that I really like is that if you slightly fan the page edge, you can see the chapter divisions really well. You can see this on the right side of the two MIDNIGHT photos above. This was a cool surprise — to me! Aaron planned it because he’s a pro.

NOON is black text on white background. The blacks and colours are deeper and richer in the hardcover on this version as well, although because the base is white the difference might not be as noticeable.

NOON hardcover (p.119):
NOON hardcover (p.119)

NOON softcover (p.119):
NOON softcover (p.119)

One oddity I’ve noticed so far is the cover finish. When I ordered the first proofs, the hardcover had a matte finish, the second proof had a gloss finish. As far as I can see, this isn’t a toggle that I can control. I’ve sent an email to DTRPG technical support asking about this. My preference is for a matte finish, so if you want a gloss finish, I suggest you get in quickly in case they get back to me and change it. Ideally this would be something that you could choose when you order a PoD from DTRPG, but it doesn’t seem to be.

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