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While I’m making a few updates to the main pages for The Sprawl, Dinosaur Princesses and Kratophagia, this seems an appropriate time to mention that Rachel Beck (author of Glitch interviewed me as part of a series on contemporary cyberpunk creators: The State of Cyberpunk with Hamish Cameron. She also just released her second interview, with Fraser Simons of The Veil. Check out Rachel’s visions of a cyberpunk future in print and digital (the first one’s free…) at The Glitch Logs.

If you’re waiting for news on Kratophagia, I had a few things to say on G+ last week.

My production queue is currently as follows:

  • The Mission Files: Currently in my hands between editing passes.
  • Touched: I have some, Steve is finishing the rest.
  • Dinosaur Princesses: Game mostly finished, rules text being written.
  • Kratophagia: Player-facing game aspects mostly finished and playtested, advanced play, MC rules and main text to be written.


    • telzy on April 7, 2019 at 18:03
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    The Sprawl sounds great but I have two subject questions. 1.) What is a clock in the game? What is it’s function and how does it effect game play? 2.) A playbook is only a character sheet? Just a bit of chrome in renaming it? Or it has some type of game effect, other than listing skills, characteristics, and equipment?

  1. Hi telzy,

    A clock is a kind of timing mechanism that shows how close some (usually bad) thing is from happening. As the players take action, they do things that cause clocks to advance: for mission and corporate clocks that might be something like leaving a broken window behind, being seen by security, or spraypainting an anticorporate message in a CEO’s office.

    If you want to hear a great example of play, including an MC who is very clear about what’s happening with clocks, check out the podcast Full Immersion:

  2. Playbooks are very close to character classes, yes. The term is one that’s common to most Powered by the Apocalypse games; that’s the family of game systems that The Sprawl is related to.

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