Straight Outta Chiba: Playbooks and Basic Moves

Today I passed the 50% mark in my final revision of v0.3 of The Sprawl. This mostly involved cleaning up the Playbooks, especially gear and relationship of moves to the new Basic Move arrangement. This afternoon I posted those Playbooks and Basic Moves on Barf Forth. Please read and incorporate them into your games… or tell me why not! All the usual channels are open.

The Cyberware and Gear chapters don’t require much work, so the next big hurdles will be the Matrix chapter (which, from the Matrix moves in the Basic Moves section above, you will note has been significantly revised) and the chapter which actually tells the MC how to run the game. The latter is mostly there in framework, but needs expansion and examples.

My aim is to have the bulk of the work done by Friday night, such that I can finish it up on a couple of flights over the weekend and disseminate v0.3 next week.

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  1. Good work. 🙂 Look forward to seeing what’s new.

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