The Quine Trilogy

The Quine Trilogy
A trilogy of loosely linked games in The Sprawl for Gateway 2014.
Los Angeles, Labor Day Weekend (Aug 29 – Sep 1).
No prior experience of The Sprawl is needed. Participation in all three games is not required.

The Quine Experiment (Sat, 9am)
The wind whips the cold black sea into a frenzy around the legs of the oil platform. No lights, at least not without vision enhancement. Thermo shows movement. Weak glows from bundled figures with far too much firepower. The hacker’s feed is a blinding contrast; a shining white pillar of light with vertical lettering. Quine Virtual Machines: powering your world. T-3 minutes.

The Quine Interface (Sat, 2pm)
When the Sprawl’s largest arcology goes dark and deploys lethal automated defence systems against everyone within a 1000 meter radius, everyone want to know what’s going on. Most of all the owners. Back in the old days they had a saying: “Make em pay when the sun shines.” Yeah. Quine’s over a barrel; it’s time to get paid.

The Quine Denouement (Sat, 8pm)
“There’s a couple of ways this could go down, noob. Either you deliver the package as contracted, or any sorry fucker who cares about you can pick your genetic material out of the dust of this godforsaken place”
“I like the third option.”
“There is no –CLICK– Fuck! All teams, engage!”

The Sprawl is a game of mission-based action in a gritty neon-and-chrome Cyberpunk future. You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do, or can’t be seen to, do. Deniable, professional, and ultimately disposable.

Inspired by Gibson; Powered by the Apocalypse.

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