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The main white-on-black PDF was released in the last week of February

In progress right now are more PDF versions:

  • a full colour version of the game rules with black text on a white background (still intended to be read on a screen, but for those who don’t want to read white text on a black background)
  • a black and white print-friendly pdf version of the game rules for home printing

And the final playbooks:

  • Interface data (early draft status) here..
  • Operative data (late draft status – expect imminent update) here..

Once those are set, we will finalise the Print on Demand versions. This will take a little longer as I will order proofs to check that the files print correctly before I make them available. Yesterday I had a chance to check out a book that DriveThru printed last month and the quality is very good, so I’m hoping there won’t be any issues. As soon as I receive physical proofs, I’ll post pictures here.

Finally, the last step will be completing and compiling the stretch goals. Several of the settings are finished, some are almost finished, and the rest will be finished in May and June when I will put those together. My preliminary plan is to release the settings and missions as stand-alone pdfs to backers through Kickstarter updates and dropbox, then to compile the whole collection into a single pdf and PoD which I will fulfill through DTRPG.




Cyber-fantasy fans will be pleased to hear that testing on Touched is progressing nicely. There are a few details on G+ and I tweeted an outline of the game at @TheSprawl_RPG (storified here). The setting is based on the sudden appearance of magical rifts, their exploitation by corporations and their effect on humanity. As it stands there will be:

  • Three setting phases or sub-settings: an otherworldly horror phase of first contact with magic, a phase where humanity has adapted to the new magical situation, and a more advanced transhumanist integration of magic into humanity.
  • The Shaman who has made a deal with an otherworldly horror, can gaze beyond reality and see glimpses of the future.
  • The Mage who has studied magic (usually in a corporate-controlled Magical Order) and learned to summon magical energies, shape them and control them.
  • A new basic move (akin to Apocalypse World’s Open Your Brain)
  • A set of metahuman templates (Dwarf-kin, Elf-kin, Wild-kin, Human-kin)

I have preliminary ideas for at least four more playbooks which blur the line between magic and technology.

Steve is revising the rules as a result of the playtest and finishing some intro material, but backers should expect an update with playtest documents in early March.


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