CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko

INCOMING INTEL // Project Bakeneko // Run report..

Their first mistake was to think they could tame the soul of a cat.

Their second mistake was to imagine they could improve it.

Their third mistake was to believe what they were experimenting on were still cats.

Their last mistake was not quite closing the cage door.

CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko releases the Once-Cat, a hybrid fusion of feline and machine, into The Sprawl. Playing a Once-Cat puts an emphasis on transhumanism (transfelineism?) and the dark-bleeding consequences of medical and technological development. As the Once-Cat is implemented as an overlay for existing playbooks, a player can explore these themes whilst also being an active and useful component of any group. Depending on the tone at your table, the Once-Cat can be gritty and hard, a source of over-the-top badass comedy, or anywhere in between.

CyberKittens: Project Bakeneko is the brainchild of Dana Kubilus and the first of two CyberKittens setting mods which will be included in the stretch goal/setting collection which I’ll be collating over the northern hemisphere summer. In the meantime, we thought it be a fun April release. It’s available on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want download and for April we’re donating all the proceeds to spay/neuter shelters in Cincinnati and Seattle.

Those of you who follow @thesprawl_rpg on twitter or The Sprawl RPG on facebook might have noticed that we played a game of this on Saturday night. Here’s a storify of The Pangu Exposure.

End OP report..

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