Operation Angel Basin

Reports are emerging from Los Angeles of advance planning for a series of ops at the end of May, code name: Operation Angel Basin. Initial reports were sparse:

Operation Angel Basin is a series of linked missions set in a neon and chrome cyberpunk Sprawl. In this setup session we will collaboratively create the Sprawl that will serve as the core setting. We’ll create the important sections of the Sprawl, the global megacorporations that control it, and the badass professional operatives who move in their shadows.

Here’s what we’ve been able to piece together.

This will all go down at Gamex in Los Angeles. Missions will take place in several sessions over the course of the weekend and the operatives undertaking those missions can recur in multiple missions, building up a coherent shared story. (This makes it similar to the Living Dungeon World series from a few years ago. There are a few important differences though, which operatives who remember that series should note.)

Most of the sessions are Mission Sessions, but the first session (Friday, 8pm) will be a special Setup Session.

In the Setup Session, everyone who wants to participate will collaboratively create a world and characters.

  • Players will each create a Corporation (or similarly dominant organisation) using the usual rules for The Sprawl.
  • Players will divide into groups and create characters and detail part of the overall Sprawl that will serve as the game’s setting.
  • Players will create relationships between their characters by playing a few very short missions. (This will be a slightly more involved version of the usual Links phase of character creation. In this version, some parts of these missions will be fully played out using a custom variant of Conduct a Mission.)

After the players have created their characters and the setting, players will be able to register for Mission Sessions to be run throughout the convention.

The Mission Sessions operate much like a normal one-shot of The Sprawl. Players will use the characters and setting they made in the Setup Session, so each game will get to the Mission quickly. We will use the additional time to chrome everything and bathe the setting and characters in neon to a greater degree than is usually possible in a convention slot. We will also fully explore the post-mission complications and discuss the ramifications of the mission to the entire sprawl.

NOTE: There will be no pre-registration for Mission Sessions. Attendees at the Setup Session will register for Mission Sessions after character generation. If there are spaces in any given mission, players can register at the RPG table in the usual way after the Setup Session (from Saturday morning on). We will prepare a number of partially generated characters for drop-in players.

The number of games in each Mission Session slot will be somewhat flexible, depending on interest of the pre-registered players in the Setup Session. So if only 4 players want to play in the Sunday morning game, then that slot might be full and no drop-in players will be able to register.

Stay tuned to this feed for further information as this breaking story develops.

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