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The Virtua Purge

A mission in The Sprawl for Big Bad Con 2014, Oakland, Oct 17 – 19. No prior experience of The Sprawl is needed. The Virtua Purge >>..Replay Annotated Transcript..>> Good evening. >>Crisply pressed Italian bespoke suit.>> I represent the Special Threats Division of VirtuaTech. >>Tone of a man used to being obeyed.>> SimSys West is …

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The Quine Trilogy

The Quine Trilogy A trilogy of loosely linked games in The Sprawl for Gateway 2014. Los Angeles, Labor Day Weekend (Aug 29 – Sep 1). No prior experience of The Sprawl is needed. Participation in all three games is not required. The Quine Experiment (Sat, 9am) The wind whips the cold black sea into a …

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Straight Outta Chiba: Playbooks and Basic Moves

Today I passed the 50% mark in my final revision of v0.3 of The Sprawl. This mostly involved cleaning up the Playbooks, especially gear and relationship of moves to the new Basic Move arrangement. This afternoon I posted those Playbooks and Basic Moves on Barf Forth. Please read and incorporate them into your games… or …

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The Engine Room of The Sprawl

My post on the Driver sparked a discussion about directives which I have now incorporated into MC’s Agenda. Here are the (now) four things that drive the MC’s moves: Make the world dirty, high-tech and excessive. The Sprawl is a contemporary city turned up to 11. The dangerous parts of town are more dangerous; the …

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Straight Outta Chiba: The Driver

I’m working on the playbooks today. There have been a few minor tweaks to some moves, but the biggest changes are the addition of a couple of sections (name options, tailored directives in a new format, and character creation advice) and the reworking of the Gear section. Here’s the Driver: Driver Neurotransmitters lick with their …

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Revising the Basic Moves

One of the most pressing issues in the current revisions I’m working on is in making the Basic Moves work properly. There were three main issues in the 0.2 revision: Maneouvre did what I wanted but in a boring way, I always ended up fudging Fast Talk slightly in play, and Play Hardball just didn’t …

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Back on the Grid

After several months of neglect as I finished writing my dissertation, I’m back working on The Sprawl. I’ve been saving up the feedback I’ve received over that time and I’m currently reading through the document and collating all those suggestions and found errors. The feedback has all been positive. Many of the suggestions I’ve received …

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The Sprawl v.0.2

After much testing and fiddling and work-induced delay, a beta version of The Sprawl is now available. Right here. There are still a few gaps, but I’m happy to have the core of the rules done, especially those things that changed in my mind, my playtests, and my documents months ago, but which hadn’t been …

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Bubble The Bay

Podcaster, fellow AW-hacker, Big Bad Con founder, gaming cheerleader, and all-round great guy Sean Nittner played The Sprawl at Go Play Northwest. Here’s what he had to say about it: The Sprawl at GPNW.

“Your cyberpunks are no match for my crew”

Notes from yesterday’s playtest by @AdamUltraberg of Today I went to a special playtest-gameday a few towns over, and it was a wonderful, completely worth-it trip. I helped playtest H Cameron’s Sprawl (An Apocolypse World hack). It started with world creation (everyone named a corporation and what it did), character creation, then “heist creation.” …

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